Learning Discretion

When I was starting to read the Bible as a teenager my Grandma told me just read what ever page it opens on. That is still how I select what I read most of the time, unless I am doing a bible study or researching something in peculiar. Yesterday I read the page it opened to that was Nehemiah. Which was a God thing ain’t God good he knows exactly what you need because I am trying to rebuild my life.

Today I was reading Bible Guide a commentary, trying to discern more from the book of Nehemiah. In the commentary, it talks about how Nehemiah practiced discretion. From Nehemiah I learned when you build something you can’t tell everybody what you are doing until the time is right. When you share information at the wrong time it will cost you.

I thought wow, The Big Block Goes on Top deals with my lack of discretion. The consequences because of my lack of discretion have been diffcult to live with. My lack of discretion over a sexual experince in middle school caused me to feel hurt, shame, guilt, and isolation. My lack of discretion was instrutmental in destorying my marriage. I didn’t know how to keep my husband’s confidence. Also I didn’t know what to share with him about my feelings. My lack of discretion has hurt my parents, and children directly and indirectly. My lack of discretion caused me to leave a domestic violence shelter early because I expressed my opinion inappropriately about shelter regulations.

Professionally my lack of discretion has cost me jobs and references, because I refuse to refrain from commenting on corporate and institutional polices.


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