I was reading the first seven chapters of the book of Nehemiah. His story is about rebuilding the wall for Jerusalem. The first thing Nehemiah did was consult God about what happen. Next he asked the his boss the King Artaxerxes for help. Before Nehemiah started his building project he went to inspect the site. Once the building project was started he began to have problems, so he prayed. Instead of dwelling on his problems he helped the poor. Then he had more problems, but he prayed some more and completed the wall.

It’s interesting when I have a problem I try to figure out the answer first myself. I don’t consult God until it’s a big mess. I guess I should be more like Nehemiah. I don’t like to ask for help, I always want try and do things myself. Reading Nehemiah helped me discover why the things I try and build like a family, and career are not working. My building methods are faulty and unsafe.

After my senior year of high school at a youth service at church. The pastor told us to think about want we wanted to do career wise and how we could serve God with our career choice. My first thought was you can’t serve God in the workplace. I realize now I how wrong I was. I didn’t consult God regarding my career choice. I didn’t even seek advice from guidance counselors at high school or college. After I graduated from college and returned to St. Louis, I didn’t consult God about how to approach my career path. I didn’t talk with any employment specialist, I just searched for a job. Now I did get books from the library regarding job search, cover letters, resumes. I paid a professional to do my resume. I found a part time job eventually. My mother pushed me to look for more. I did and I found a full time job. Over the years I have found many full jobs which lacked opportunity for advancement. I have found jobs with opportunity but, when I found opposition on those jobs I didn’t pray, so I quit.

Since I continued to refuse to consult God I continued to find the wrong jobs. The positions I found did not value my strengths. There was no outlet for my creativity and I became more and more frustrated. This year I have been fired three times. I decided to start praying when facing opposition. After I was fired I starting volunteering in my career field. Writing this I realize, I tried to find a job in my field after college but I faced opposition and didn’t pray back then, I quit looking a for a entry level career position and started finding jobs.

I did learn in my major that there is a story before the story. In Nehemiah’s cause the Jewish people had been getting married at the wrong time. The men had married foreign women they were not suppose to marry. Now I didn’t marry a foreign person but in pre-martial counseling the pastor said we were like fire and ice. I thought good that’s my favorite song ( Rick James and Tina Marie). I didn’t inspect my husband before I married. I only knew him 3months. I didn’t pray about it. I didn’t realize God really had anything to do with marriage. When my marriage faced opposition I ran. I got remarried, I still didn’t consult God. I refused to inspect my husband objectively. When my marriage faced opposition again I ran. Instead of trying to do some good I got involved with other people.

Now I am dealing with some ruins, and a new beginning. Isn’t God Great. Hopefully He will allow my rebuilding process to be quick like in Nehemiah. When opposition comes this time it’s prayer time.


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