Roses for My Mother

Paul told me you should give roses to living. He told me dead people don’t know they got flowers. He said he wanted his flowers while he was living. For years I cried about my mother seeming not to love me. I remember crying to my dad about it, and him telling me he loved me but he could not change my mother. I read Wild Women Who Run With the Wolves trying to understand our relationship. My favorite story was about the ugly ducking. It described our relationship, my mother was not very nurturing. Our relationship changed after I became a single mom. I understood how heart break had affected my mothere. As I began to walk in her shoes I became less judgmental.

My mother noticed I had got more into church and she began to give me books to encourage my interest. My mother has taught me some valuable things that I can learn anything I want by reading a book. Paul told me believe none of what you hear, half of what you see and half of what you read. My mother believed this principal as well, she taught to check and make sure the information you believe is accurate.

Thank you mom for loving me, even when I was hard to love. Thank you for all your monetary help. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for free babysitting. There are so many things you have done for me. I appreciate all that you have done.


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