He Provides Help

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today. They were talking about being a Good Samaritan to a lady that was having car trouble. I thought about how many times God has sent a Good Samaritan to help me. The Samaritan he sent were all different from me just like in the text there was Jew and Samaritan. God has used white, black, female, male samaritans to help me. They used their own resources to help me.

The stranger that brought me a used tire and told me to keep the change when I didn’t have a dime in Atlanta. The drug addicted lady who provided dinner and transportation back to the shelter in Atlanta. The man named Eddie that tried to assist me getting my broken down car off the highway. The man that put my spare tire on and then God caused him to come back and give me jump on a busy highway.

I didn’t realize how God had blessed me until I was reading someone else story. Not to mention God’s car pool that he provided he with when my car broke down this last time. Thank you, Lord

Please say a prayer for the People who have helped me.


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