Young and the Restless as old as time

I went to church Sunday and the Rev. Joan S. Parrot preached about Joseph’s family. She shared that despite being a blessed and highly favored family Joseph’s family ( Genesis) still had issues.  She talked about how polygamy had a negative affect on the family.

Joseph was great grandson of Abraham. Abraham was married to Sarah and then because she was barren, or so she thought. She gave him her maid servant Hagar. After this union Hagar gave birth to Ishmael and then Sarah gave birth to the child of promise Issac. Once Issac was old enough to play with his brother. Sarah didn’t like what she saw. She told Abraham to force Hagar and Ishmael to leave. Jacob like his grandfather was involved in polygamy. Jacob was tricked into polygamy by his father. Jacob favored his children by his wife Racheal.

Leah Jacob’s other wife thought she would gain his love by having his children. Unfortunately she never got his love but she had many children.

Abraham laid about Sarah being his wife to protect his life. His son Issac did the same thing when he was married to Rebe family members learned bad like lying and manipulating.

Rev. Parrot discussed how favoritism affected the family. She addressed through the story of Leah how have children to gain a man’s affection only to find out it does not work.

After listening to the sermon I thought about what Curses affect my own family.

My family has it’s own curses disrespect and divorce. My maternal grandmother was verbally abusive to her husband. This behavior taught my mother that is okay to be verbally abusive to your spouse and children. It also learned to be verbally abusive to my ex spouse and children. I regret the affect it has had on both.

Being verbally abusive has also affected the ability to honor my parents. I did a post about this a previously.

My paternal grandmother was divorced and 3 out of my 4 uncles are divorced. My mother’s brother was divorced. My parents were divorced. I have been divorced twice. Divorced has affected everyone in my life

Another generation challenge is being a pack rat. My grandmother was a pack rat. My mother is a pack rat and so am I. Forgiveness is also a habit too.

For more  about Abraham’s Story check out this blog


2 thoughts on “Young and the Restless as old as time”

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  2. Caillou,

    Thank you for your comment but if you read the post I was not talking about the long running daytime drama, but the biblical drama found in the book of Genesis. I was a fan of Y&R for almost 30 years. I stopped watching daytime drama after I watched one on NBC regarding down low relationships. I was disgusted that they used African American males to introduce homosexuality to the show.

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