Insta Credit

Most of what I share I want to be used for positive but there are some business that need to be exposed for what they are. This story is from last year, but post note is the car is no longer running now.

I purchased a Purple 1997 Chrysler Cirrus from Insta-Credit Auto Mart. Upon getting in the car, I noticed the brake light was on. I mentioned my concern prior to the purchase to Sales Associate, Saba Cetawayo. Mr. Cetawayo assured me the car had passed a safety inspection. He had a list and attached it to the paper work. Later when I drove the car I noticed a noise from the passenger front. I called the Insta-Credit Auto Mart Service Dept and told them about the noise items that were listed on the paper.

I had a service appointment for Wednesday May 16. I dropped the car off along with some information I printed off the internet regarding the car. And when I called to inquire about the status of the car, I was told the car was “Not safe to driver” from a female in the service department. She stated the brake hose was cut and the rear brakes where totally gone. She told me the car would be ready the following day and that they had to order a part. The following day I was told the car would be ready around 2pm. The car was not ready and the service department Representative seemed upset that I wanted my vehicle. She told me they would call me when it was ready. I came back to InstaCredit Auto Mart at 5pm. The car was still not ready; the mechanic was test driving the car. He said the brakes were fixed and he could not figure out what was causing the noise. He did state he oiled the right bearings. The mechanic asked me to bring the car back and he would look at it some more.

That Friday when I stopped at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, the car would not start. I had a friend come and give me a jump. The car still would not start. I contacted the service department at InstaCredit Auto Mart. They tried to trouble shoot over the phone for almost an hour. They finally called a tow truck. The tow truck driver told them to send someone to get me because my children were with me.

When I returned to InstaCredit Auto Mart a few hours later, I told them I wanted to use my seven day right to exchange. Saba presented three cars a white Ford Taurus with tinted windows, a red Saturn SL and a silver Ford escort. The gas light was on both the White Taurus and the silver Escort, so I really did not have chance to test them drive them properly. Saba had to start the red Saturn more than once. I decided on the red Saturn. As I was signing the paper the work. The finance representative told me there was no warranty on the car since I had already used my seven day right to exchange but if I had any major problems with the car, they would fix it. About 2 or 3 weeks later, the check engine soon light came on and I took the car to an AutoZone for a diagnostic check. They said that chamber 3 for misfiring and that the spark plugs needed to be replaced. I had Michael Bell change the spark plugs in my car.

Shortly thereafter, the antifreeze light came on and I put anti freeze in the car. That light would come on every couple of days and I continued to check the level. Next, the oil light came on. I checked the oil level and had it changed. Following the oil change the oil light came on interment ally. I continued to monitor that along with antifreeze. On July 6 the car would not accelerate and cut off on highway 270. I checked the oil level. I contacted InstaCredit Auto Mart and the (CH) Finance manager said I could have the car towed to them at my expense. I paid to have the Car towed to a private mechanic. He replaced the starter and said the engine was locked. He would provide me with quote of $350 for labor and $475 for a used engine. On Monday I spoke with I called and was informed that CH would be out sick until Friday. The next day I asked for his supervisor. Barry Burger contacted me that evening. He agreed to tow the car and have the service department diagnose it. I was able to confirm the car was towed. The service department stated they had not looked at the car. Barry Birger would not return my phone calls. I left numerous messages. On Friday July 13 I was told Mr. Birger had been in meeting and was a very busy man. On Saturday July 14 I went to the Insta credit auto mart and requested to speak with Mr. Birger. Mr. Birger states that Insta credit would fix the auto mobile for a 900.00 charge. He would pay the other 922.00 for the engine repair. Monday July I returned to the dealer ship to pick up a loaner car. Mr. Birger called my insurance company to verify full coverage insurance. He them inquired about the decutable. He then insisted I lower my decuple amount. I asked him to show in me contract the clause about the deductible.


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