July 5

In 1990 I had my last drink on July 5. I had went through treatment for alcoholism in May. It seemed to me every one in my after care had relapsed. I drank some wine coolers with a young man. He said I could live with him, but I would have to find somewhere to go when his mother was off work. I began to think about all the bad things that could happen if I continued to drink . I went home and admitted to my mother I had been drinking. Then I called my AA sponsor Ms. P. We went to a meeting the next day. We started working the 12 steps.

After college I realized that going to AA meetings was not enough to keep me sober. I began to really struggle with step 3, ” Made a decision to turn my life and will over to the care of God as I understood Him”. I decided to start going to church. I had been baptised as a teenager, but it was while attending a new members class  God saved me.

I have been through more challenges in life being sober.  When I quit drinking at 18 I could not imagine celebrating my 21st birthday without drinking. I couldn’t imagine my wedding with out drinking. I thought college was going to suck. I had only wanted to go to college for the parties and young men.

In sobriety I have been homeless three times. I have been married and divorced. I don’t attend meetings any more.  Being sober allowed me to be able to take part in commencement on the college level.  My the consequences of my  drinking robbed me from being able to participate in graduation actives in high school. Sobriety has saved my life and been a blessing to me. I have made good friends that have encouraged me and helped me to deal with life struggles. I have learned and lived the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


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